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Cannabis Pharmaceutical stocks

It is safe to say that 2018 has been a game-changing year for the marijuana industry1. In October 2018, Canada became the first industrialized country to legalize recreational cannabis, while the number of states in the United States to have legalized marijuana has reached 32. We’re witnessing a booming industry taking over the market2. Read below the top three marijuana pharmaceutical stocks and the ways that TradeFW may help you identify investment opportunities.

The Pharmaceutical Marijuana Industry – Overview

1. GW Pharmaceuticals Stock

Founded in 1998 by Doctors Geoffrey Guy and Brian Whittle, GW Pharmaceuticals PLC (NASDAQ:GWPH) is a British biopharmaceutical company known for its multiple sclerosis treatment product nabiximols, which was sold under the brand name Sativex. Sativex was the first natural cannabis derivative product to ever get market approval. Overall, the company produces high-quality medical cannabis strains and uses them for manufacturing drugs for the treatment of cancer pain, multiple sclerosis, as well as neuropathic pain. Their latest cannabis-based product, Epidiolex, has been given US FDA approval in June 2018 and it is a treatment addressed to epilepsy patients.

Is GW Pharmaceuticals stock a good investment opportunity? First of all, the marijuana industry is just making its debut on the stock market and so far, everything looks even better than experts projected3. Secondly, it is a good performer stock in the biopharma market and based on Will Healy’s analysis from had the ability to ‘swim’ against the stream in turbulent times4. With a current Market Cap of $4.72B (Apr, 2019) 5, the company’s latest product brought with it a lot of potential and speculations. Estimates suggest that Epidiolex could generate around $800 million in peak sale6.

2. AbbVie Stock

Founded in 2013, AbbVie Inc. (NYSE:ABBV) is a biopharmaceutical company located in Lake Bluff, Illinois, United States. The company manufactures, markets and distributes more than 44 drugs in over 170 countries. AbbVie is considered a marijuana pharmaceutical company due to its synthetic marijuana product, Marinol, which contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and gives it the marijuana therapeutic properties. Marinol is a best-selling product and its success gave AbbVie exposure to this industry.

In 2017, its revenue was US$28.216 billion7 and experts predict it will continue to generate strong earnings growth in the following years8. More than that, the company plans to launch two new autoimmune disease drugs in 2019: risankizumab and upadacitinib, both expected to be major hits9. To sum up, AbbVie stock can be evaluated for long-term investors. TradeFW is the investment firm which puts the safety of your capital above anything else by keeping all clients’ funds in segregated accounts in EU credit institutions.

3. Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth Corporation (NYSE: CGC) is a cannabis company based in Ontario, Canada. Founded by Bruce Linton and Chuck Rifici in 2013, it debuted as Tweed Marijuana Inc. and was renamed Canopy Growth Corporation in 2015. Through its subsidiaries, which include Doja, Tweed, Spectrum Cannabis, and CraftGrow; the company offers a diverse array of products, from high-quality cannabis oil & concentrates to softgel capsules and hemp.

In August 2018, the alcoholic-beverage maker mogul Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ) invested the massive amount of $4 billion in Canopy Growth, giving it a 38% interest in the company10. Their future plans together include launching a variety of cannabis-infused beverages by the end of 2019, and other acquisitions that will bolster the company’s expansion strategy. Canopy Growth was the first federally regulated, licensed marijuana producer in North America to be publicly-traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. In May 2018, it began trading as CGC on the prestigious New York Stock Exchange; and by October, the company’s market capitalization exceeded US$14 billion11. With operations in over 13 countries worldwide and a perpetual top spot in the cannabis sector – Canopy Growth is undoubtedly a may be a great trading opportunity!

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